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I am a natural physiognomist (face reader) and I have been providing psychological counselling to people by reading faces, linguistics and body language. I can deduce an entire personality from pictures alone (provided they are good quality pictures and plenty in number). I can not only read a person’s mind and behaviour but also his surroundings and the nature of relations that he has with his parents, siblings, spouse, friends and co-workers. Using those readings, I then provide the psychological counselling how to deal with specific problems or life in general.

Along with that I also use my abilities in providing matrimonial matching of girls and boys as also ways as to how to brighten up your existing marriage or relations.

The science behind physiognomy, or more commonly referred to as the face-reading, is mentioned below:


How Does It Work


Our body is adaptable, it becomes what we make them. It shapes up in accordance with the exercises we subject them to. And which portion of the body is subjected to exercising the most? The Face !!

The entire human body is made up of 700 muscles. Out of which 44 muscles are spread over the small area of the face. Thus, the face is the most muscularly dynamic portion of our body which is the reason why the human face is the most distinct feature of the human body.

But why so?

If a human body is being made to exercise, e.g., running, jumping, kicking, punching, etc, like a martial artist does (e.g. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan), then that particular body will eventually shape up significantly slimmer yet tough. On the other hand if a body has been subjected to heavy lifting, push-ups, pull ups, sit ups, etc (e.g. WWF wrestlers or sumo fighters) then that particular body will become bigger in size, as in, broader pelvic region, waist, chest and thicker biceps.

So what about the face and facial muscles? What really are the kinds of facial exercise one practises? The everyday, commonplace FACIAL EXPRESSIONS..!!

Just like other body muscles, facial muscles also have been observed to shape up according to the facial exercises one practices. Facial expressions are the constant exercises performed by all of our 44 facial muscles together, throughout our waking hours. If a person has spent most of his life displaying a specific type of positive facial expressions (or facial exercises) like smiling or laughing or winking), then such a person is more likely to have a very pleasant face over the years which anyone around him notices. On the other hand if a person has unfortunately spent his life weeping or experiencing sadness or frustration, he is expected to develop a sad face. There are about 700 facial expressions that a face can display. The design of the face naturally takes place over the time through more or less occurrence of those facial expressions thus being responsible for overall renovation of the face day by day, hour by hour, that happen very subtly but show considerable changes over years n decades. The process of face-reading is pretty much similar to how an archeologist figure out hidden encrypted historical knowledge through carvings and carbon dating. Just like physiognomists like me can figure out historical details by reading and analysing faces like carvings on them..

The body has different constituents- body structure, physiology, mind etc- which reflect each other, influence each other and have deep inter-relations with each other, in a way that they act as one unit.

Right from infancy, the entire system, such as a person’s history, his genes, his surroundings, his experiences, etc shape up his body language, body structure and appearance.

This is the reason why we are different from each other, both physically and mentally, despite belonging the same culture. As an example of an opposite scenario, cultures where differences in individual experiences are not much, we don’t find many differences in their appearances as well e.g. tribal groups and oriental people. Since we, in India, are not an equal society, we have polar opposite upbringings and experiences, we begin to think different, perceive differently, react differently, also begin to have different attires- and of this external attire, the most distinguishing feature is the FACE.

All of us read faces in our everyday lives- e.g. if a physique is malnutrition-ed, we conceive a poor background, if we see happiness on a face, we relate a reasonably well-to-do background- such processing goes on inside each one of us. Physiognomy goes deeper than just a passing perception. For centuries, people in every culture have put in efforts to jot it down like a science. Till recently, no certified course or formal education was available for those who fancied the field. But now science is progressing and these cause-and-effect features of individual and groups can be classified and generalized like breaking the code that runs inside the head and manifests through the numerous, visible aspects of the body. But some people, break that code instinctively.

Before getting a hold of this education, I did it instinctively, but an exact reason can be routed out through science which goes like this- the brain has developed an area that is dedicated to process and store faces along with their separate identities; some people, one like me, are very much able to figure out connections between various kinds of personality traits with facial features, body language and the overall body structure, analogous to a programmer looking at an intricate program which appears complex to other people. I have developed this talent because, since my childhood, I have always been observing every person I met, his body language, gestures, facial features. This has gifted me with a huge memory bank or a database which I break down into classes of facial entities relating to a specific emotion or trait, and all f this happening without my conscious mind knowing it, and this helps me to give a detailed description of the human face possessing a given set of physically observable features.

I have seen people, of same community, same family, fighting each other despite being on the same ideological side but in disagreement with each other just because of wrong interpretation of each other’s demeanour and psychology. Had psychology been ruling over our minds, the world would have been the so calm and peaceful. It is only the lack of the knowledge of the understanding of each other’s psychology that we observe chaos all around, to the extent, that we have become intolerant that we pull nooses around people who are the biggest victims, thinking they were the biggest culprits.

If, through my knowledge of physiognomy, I can help in bringing harmony and peace to some relations, it would be the biggest achievement for my life.

I’ve observed in 70-80% cases (faces) that I read, I can tell with 99% accuracy, some pieces of information which only that said person knows (1% is left out because of many other accounts, such as, influences of other people around the subject, different situations he has gone through, etc).

I can also bring to the fore things that the said person knows/ does not know /realize after I have pointed out to him, such as, his history, pre-natal history, childhood, teenage, emotional traumas, societal victimization, parental issues, complications in a couple’s relationship. I wander in sub-conscious mind, figure out what are the negativities are sowed in the history, make the subject realize truths about the integral parts of his own life, extract and eradicate them for forever.

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