Your face tells me your secrets


  1. Although this relationship always exists with honesty and candor but that is something present only in rare friendships.

    But more often you tend to overestimate the devotion of the other friend and end up getting hurt due to unfulfilled expectations. Facial readings can help you to get a grip of the true nature and depth of your relationship.
  2. This next problem is rare to find but still it does happen, i.e., lack of communication or miscommunication.You may encounter strange behaviours or feel that you are being avoided, for example no matter how close you are some introvert friends would hide their very personal problems from you. To understand such friends and to learn how to adapt yourself and improve your relation, face-reading can come to your help.
  3. In case of friendship between persons of opposite gender, not to mention there are chances of one sided attraction and envy which can become messy in a number of ways. Such things should be known in much advance which is only possible through the art of analysing minds with faces.
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