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Background Science

mindHow do we read faces to know a person,his mind,his character or soul? Why faces reflect our life histories like a BIOGRAPHIES?

The answer is hidden in the fact that out of 7 billions human faces in this world,no two faces are exactly the same.
Even the most resembling twins can't have an absolute copy of each other's faces perfectly.

However the reason for resembling similarities of twin siblings' faces is the very bio-socio-psychological phenomena responsible for creation of each face as the most unique and distinct feature of a human's body.

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Distinct set of biological,sociological and psychological life conditions for each individual human leads to a unique & distinct personality and physiology in each case,therefore a distinct set of physique or anatomy.
The FACE being the most dynamic surface of our body happens to be the most UNIQUE & DISTINCT feature of OUR body being our identity.

Since each one of the 7 BILLION of us are obviously bound to face different set of bio-socio-psychological life conditions from one another, it is obvious that none of us can have a true copy of anyone else's personality or physique. In case of TWINs?

Now that we have discovered a natural fact that "different life conditions provide different personality & physique (most distinct being face)" a corollary can be drawn here : Similar conditions can provide similar physiques and therefore similar faces,which is evident in case of TWINS. In the most of the twins' cases, the siblings do share very much similar life histories,at least during prenatal (in womb before birth) and initial childhood.

So you see, that life history through its bio-socio-psychological factors affects and shapes up personality & face (physique).Now if you try to catch and recognize patterns of face formation according to the life factors a person has been facing over the years,you'll break the codes like "computer-language encryption" and faces will reveal person's history & secrets.Almost like a biography,a sculpture carved out by natural surroundings.

But why does human body gets so much affected or shaped up by the bio-socio-psychological factors of life over the years?FACES most of all?Why we have thousands kinds of physiques or body types and millions perhaps billions kinds of faces?No other species shows such diversities.

To answer that,we should really know what human body surface is actually made up of beneath the outer layer i.e. epidermis commonly known as skin?

A human body, both front & back side,from head to toe consists of 640 to 850 muscles.(depending on their definitions as being different parts of a single muscle or as being several muscles.) Our shape depends on the shapes of these muscles.

Now the question arises, how do these muscles take their shapes? What make them grow in certain way?perhaps MUSCULAR EXERCISES.Our bodies are ADAPTABLE to the conditions they are subjected to or the kind of physical exercises they are made to perform. If a body is pressurized to perform certain muscular/mechanical tasks,it will eventually shape up according to those particular tasks to gradually be able to perform them with more efficiency and easily.

excersizeAn example : There are shoulder and arm muscles. Deltoid ,biceps and triceps to be specific.Now this body part can take any shape depending on the kind of physical pressure exerted on it.

Exercise such as boxing,punching ,badminton, lawn tennis etc makes an arm tight but lighter in mass and toned as these exercises require agility and quickness in the arm. So it loses fat and becomes agile. Exercises such as push-ups,wrestling, weight lifting etc makes an arm tight but heavier in mass and look bulkier as these exercises require strength which can only be possessed by a bulkier organ.So it gains mass and becomes powerful.

muscle-systemNow imagine similar physical processes of muscular activities being performed on every body part thereby shaping of 700 muscles approx. This is how we see so many body types and physiques all over like heavy weight lifters or slim toned marital artists or too slim athletes or yet bulkier WWF wrestlers or obese lose bodies too if the body is subjected to no such muscular exertion at all.

BUT FACES? What exercises does a human face does?How can face aquire almost infinite number of variations or diversifications of all body parts?

May be because FACE is actually performing the maximum number of exercises and does them almost all the time 24 hours throughout entire life.

As it turns out, human face keeps expressions emotions through facial expressions (or facial exercises).

These are facial expressions of just some of the basic emotions. Numerous emotions(therefore their expressions) can arise from cultural conditioning association and also through the blend of basic emotions to give full spectrum of human emotions (like primary color combination)e.g. anger & disgust can blend to form contempt.Imagine a surface as small as face performing countless exercises day in day out, no wonder it becomes your only unique natural over the years.

But why HUMAN FACE is able to perform these countless exercises (expressions)?

What makes this small surface of our body so FLEXIBLE and FUNCTIONAL?
There are two very simple reasons for this :

Unlike most of the muscles,facial muscles are the least attached with their bones i.e. skull.This loosely packed structure of facial muscles gives them enough or blend of any number of emotions all the time. Consciously or subconsciously,during silent thought processes or during communication face keeps continuing a parallel non-verbal communication through facial expressions,micro-expressions or macro expressions

(expressions that last less than a fraction of second).Wether you voluntarily or involuntarily exhibit expressions,you'll definitely give out expressions somehow most of the times ,its likely that you may be successful in controlling some expressions,but not all.


Now that we know that facial muscles are the most loosened or free muscles from their bones and that they are most flexible and movable,its interesting to know out of around 700 human muscles(both front & back) around 40 muscles are stuffed in face alone thus making it the most functional of all as it possesses the most number of entities.This simply shows that why face alone is capable of making numerous kinds of moves than any other other part.Which is why the dynamic nature of face,enabling it to move in hundreds of kinds of movements over the years via facial expressions of emotions eventually forms up the face as the most distinct and unique of our appearance.The design of an individual's face is somewhat a permutation & combination of those expressions depending on duration of each being recorded on face like a visual or carving on historical sculpture making your face your BIOGRAPHY.


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