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Self Psychoanalysis

You are very often are unaware of the genesis of our own conditions, mood-swings, anxieties and life-at-large. For example you tend to believe that a certain problem is occurring out of some depression or some situation but as it turns out, there is always a logical and long-rooted origin which just cannot manifest on its own.

Similarly, when it comes to profession, many times people are not aware and sure of their true capabilities, abilities and talents. As a result they wander in the dark and are confused with respect to long-term goals. Also, they tend to keep overestimating and underestimating ourselves on different levels. These two processes are functional all the time.which eventually result into two consequences : hubris and diminishing self confidence, respectively.

Face - reading helps you to track, your positives and negatives, both as accurately possible. The aim is to help you have the right focus and perspective for life, both personally and professionally.

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