Your face tells me your secrets


  1. We all hate back-stabbing and behind-the-back politics at workplaces. Figuring out and having a hold of characteristics of people at your office is a must if you have to have better public relations with peers and the superiors whether you work for a private corporation or even for a government sector unit.
  2. You can benefit from familiarising with professional coworkers’ attitude especially when you are working as a team on a particular project. You should understand their demeanour, habits speech styles, etc because often you perceive positive impressions in negative cases and vice versa.
  3. Obviously it is needless to mention that working styles and ethics of the coworkers do matter to your overall performance since you are required to coordinate and fit with each other accordingly to meet the deadlines. A good partner is not someone to be taken for granted and lazy and careless fellow is somone to be beware of and stay away from.
  4. If you are the boss seeking for honest innocent and sincere sub ordinates and you don’t like “trial and error” method for the sorting out good and bad employees, you need to get quick hold of everyone’s personality traits. You have to have such people working under you who believe in overall greater good of the enterprise to compete with rivals in the market competition, right from a receptionist to the topmost executives who realise that their self interest will be best served if the firm gets good clients and businesses
  5. If you are a new employee or a trainee and especially when you got a new boss, there are no limits of the benefits you’ll enjoy just by having a good friend /buddy in your senior officer which are not only limited to favours like occasional bonuses and ease in workday but also like bonding with him to such levels that you may not feel the disparity of power, instead working like accomplices. Imagine if you somehow act as a great help in the form of mentor and saviour of your officer/chief owner. Seems unimaginable and unlikely? Just try scanning and revealing the person through his face. You’ll end up getting the entire bible of him/her in your hands.
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Face Reading of a Person

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