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A girl is not just married with a guy but to his entire family. The husband not only expects duties from her towards him but also towards his family. Therefore it is critical to estimate the hard work expected by him and the in-laws and the flexibility and tolerance of the girl. This is, strangely, an ignored compatibility clause.

So what really matters for boys is whether the girl will respect his home, the family rituals and conventions. Is she too much a of believer of the old cultural trend of joint family or prefers the upcoming trend of nuclear family?

Other critical questions which are generally the key to building a new relation but are hardly answered by any astrologer are whether the guy is a male chauvinist. Will he support her in her professional goals? If yes, whether he will he be okay if the girl earns more than he does? Or if he is the kind who would want the girl to work but stop to raise kids?

If he is working and she is the housewife, will she be treated as an equal or have an equal say in decisions? Will she need her husband’s permission every now and then, especially while spending money earned by him??

Every boy and girl wants to have this information before hand, especially in the case of arrange marriages. Sadly, no astrologer can provide with enough description to satisfy such queries. But all these issues can be addressed by the actual analysis of the person’s character by reading the facial features alone!!




Every relation goes through ups and downs. But this particular relationship going down can be the most hazardous for your everyday happiness. If you sense that the so-called heat in the relationship is vanishing or there are stark changes in your partner from before, its imperative for you to find out the true reasons. Face-reading can pin-point to the exact reasons and also advise you as to how to rekindle the relation in its previous form. To get a good hold of your entire situation, please send both early and latest pictures of you with your partner, along with separate pictures.


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