Your face tells me your secrets

Face Reading of a Person

If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and are facing problems in understanding him/her or if you are single and considering somebody for dating, PHYSIOGNOMY (Facereading) helps you all the way.

To help you in your quest, I need pictures of both the persons in consideration to analyse the prospects of a future between both of you.

You’ll know various aspects of the personalities of both of you.

You will come to realize things that favour your pairing or factors responsible for your incompatibility.

Do you both really want the same thing? For example, do you just want a temporary phase of dating or a long lasting bond of love for finally leading to marriage? Or do you wanna be just friends with benefits? Obviously it is critical and convenient for both the partners to be on the same page, right? We will guide you to know just that..

What about the INFIDELITY clause? Do you hate two timers and three timers? And want loyalty and transparency in a relationship you are going to commit and dedicate yourself to?

This branch of science can tell you if the person you are with will be less devoted than you are or even much more devoted than you, which is also difficult to handle at times.

You don’t believe in marriage? Or do you believe in it and want a partner who shares the same values with regard to marriage? If you don’t understand the stances of both of you in the very beginning, you might face serious troubles later on because then it will be impossible to get out of the emotional attachment instantly which you had developed over months or years

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Face Reading of a Person

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