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We collaborate with different kinds of people everyday, in one way or other. It could be immensely helpful if we had an insight of what they are from inside, how they conduct themselves in their everyday life and how they may evolve with changing time, both before and after we develop our relations with them.

Face reading is one of the tools that can be of help in achieving the said objective.

The unique branch of psychology that explores a person’s mind/character/psyche by examining his facial features and body language alone is known as PHYSIOGNOMY, more commonly referred to as FACE READING. It is based on the fact that, like our bodies, our faces also shape up according to our lifestyle, ways of thinking and the conditions that we are subjected to.

Through this website, I can help in providing you the detailed analysis of a person’s overall characteristics, including the description of specific traits which may be of particular interests to you. I also analyse the nature of relationship shared by two persons. Thus another of my services include identifying the the equation that you share with somebody you already know or are about to kick-start a new relationship with. I can read and counsel as to how to establish a new relation or improve an existing relation with just about anyone around you, e.g., your future spouse/fiancé, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, friend, colleague, boss, business partner, relative, parents, neighbours or roommate – just about anyone in your world can be understood up to the core by their very faces that act like their biographies.

Nearly everything that matters, is carved out on our faces like a sculpture. Although my service is similar to astrology, the prominent difference being, there is no need for fussy birth details. Also, it is far more convenient, cheap and quick.

So if you want to go skin deep and explore some basic characteristics or facts about yourself or someone you know or analyse a relationship that you share with somebody, all that you have to do is to provide me a few pictures of the person(/s)-in-question. Feel free to ask any number of questions about any or everything about the person or your relationship with a person.

Aspects that you may feel like covering are listed here:

  • a person's history,
  • his way of thinking,
  • his mentality, soul, love & dating interests,
  • his beliefs being traditional or non-traditional,
  • his habits, strengths and points of stresses,
  • his passions, likings & dislikings,
  • the nature of his family background, upbringing, environment,
  • nature of his friend circle or mutual chemistry with people around him.

So, just collect the pictures, fill in the appropriate form below and get all your queries and doubts resolved!

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Face Reading of a Person

Just collect the pictures, fill in the form above and get all your queries and doubts resolved