Your face tells me your secrets

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We collaborate with different kinds of people everyday, in one way or other. It could be immensely helpful if we had an insight of what they are from inside, how they conduct themselves in their everyday life and how they may evolve with changing time, both before and after we develop our relations with them.

Face reading is one of the tools that can be of help in achieving the said objective.

The unique branch of psychology that explores a person’s mind/character/psyche by examining his facial features and body language alone is known as PHYSIOGNOMY, more commonly referred to as FACE READING.
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A few instruction for selecting photographs:

  1. Prefer the pictures that are downloaded from FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, PICASA, etc. as the sizes of pictures downloaded from there are smaller and therefore quick to upload.
  2. Send as many pictures you can. (Kindly ensure that you send at least 7-8 pictures)
  3. Prefer casual pictures from different occasions and places (parties, home, outdoor, etc also in different moods like happiness, seriousness, laughter, calmness, etc).
  4. The pictures should display the FACE very clearly. It will be great if a few of your pictures have the close-up of the face from different angles.
  5. Prefer the pictures which are accidental (where the person was not ready for the click or was not looking into the camera though it is still helpful he/she is posing and ready).